2016… There you are !!!!!

HOPE IS stronger than fearFaith Is- Dr MLK-01









I have to admit that this past year has probably been the worst year of my life but at the same time in many ways it has been the best. Many of you have heard me say that before. It has been filled with a lot of doubt, hurt, confusion, fear and some misunderstandings. With each day I had to learn to lean on others. Something i’m not really good at. As each day, and month passed I also found myself leaning on God like never before. I found that right in the middle of all my hurt and pain our relationship was stronger than ever. I have learned to cherish true friends more, I found myself worshipping different, writing more and more and wanting to be the very person that my husband had always encouraged me to be. I still have a lot of work to do but i’m looking ahead at 2016 to be that year. The one where I grow into the very person that God has been molding me to be my entire life.
I hope that as you face 2016 you will find that your fears are only as scary as you allow them to be. I hope you find out that your never alone… God is always standing along side you. I hope that you find that you are blessed even in the midst of tragedy and confusion. I hope that you find that it really doesn’t matter what your going through, it matters how strong you are at the end of it. I hope that GOD will become more real to you in 2016 than ever before. I hope that you will let go of the religious activities and truly engage in a relationship with HIM. Worship with freedom and start coloring outside the lines with your faith.
These two photos represent where i’ve been and where i’m heading.. There is no question that even in my darkest hour and in your darkest hour … HOPE REIGNS…..