I had the honor of speaking at FRAMEWORK 2016- A Women’s conference hosted by Christ United Methodist Church and held at Timber Creek Campground.  It was the  Not because of my speaking, but because there was such a sweet group of ladies who came together to share pieces of their lives for the Glory of God. I held a Yoga Faith class that Saturday morning as well. What fun that was. No better way to start your day. In April of 2019 I put on a Christian Skit for the Mississippi Church of God conference. This was a blast. I got to dress up in panty hose, wear a wig and acted crazy.  Some say I’m perfectly suited for that. haha  I say Laughter is good for the soul.

I have a friend who’s skin crawls when you mention the words “Women Retreat”.  She thinks that we get together, hold hand and sit in a circle, cry and sing songs. She has made me laugh many times expressing her feeling about this to me.(ha) She even says something like, “I’d rather have an enema”.  So……. if you are wondering what we really do at a women’s retreat let me see if I can clear it up for you.  This is where we bring a group of women together for a creative, fun-loving, spirit filled weekend. This is an event to equip, encourage and lead women into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Its also a time for women to just “take a break” from the hustle and bustle of their lives.  We should all be able to say “I am made by God, redeemed by Christ and gifted for service.”

At the age of 15 I felt GOD calling me to be a missionary. I actually walked the aisle of my local church and made that profession. I spent many years of my life trying to understand that call. Truth is we are all missionaries in our own right. Isn’t that what we have all been called to do. Each and every one of us.  All the loss of loved ones in my life has made that call  become clearer and clearer to me. Soon after the death of my husband I found myself ministering to other woman who had lost their husbands. This has not been something I would have ever wanted to do but i’m learning that a call is something that God ordains and you just show up and be available for. What a joy it is to sow into the lives of women who are broken for a season.

I’ve had a lot of fun through the years sharing  stories about my messed up life and what God has done to heal me from so many things.

Topics that I’ve spoken on before are:

Seasons of a woman’s life,

Good Girls, Bad Choices ( you are who God says you are),

What kind of old woman will you meet? (take a journey through life),

Who Broke the Baby? (post abortion recovery),

Why Weight? Fitness & Nutrition,

Your Knight in Shining Armor!! ( get it right the first time)

Heavenly Chef (Cookin’ It up with God)…

Soaring to New Heights – I don’t have a husband( story of loss and finding hope)

OR …. We can create a topic special for your event.

I would love the opportunity to come and share at your next event and of course the invitation is always open for you to join in any RETREAT  I may plan in the future. Keep in touch for updates.