Life Coaching

There are times in all our lives when

  • We get off track
  • Become overwhelmed
  • Need Encouragement
  • Simply need someone to talk to and share our heart with.

I don’t profess to have all the answers or to be able to solve your dilemma, but I will come along beside you as a guide. Together we can create a plan of action by getting into God’s word together, looking at your obstacles, your hurts and your hurdles which can be temporary bumps in the road, and help you find peace and hope again.  I know I have experienced  set-backs and brokenness in my own life and I learned through it all that GOD IS ABLE.

In 2011 I received my advanced certification in Christian Life Coaching from Light University and have been blessed since then to walk along-side several ladies and help them move to higher ground. I have also been privileged to assist several ladies by walking with them through the deep steps of healing.  Trying to hide things that have hurt us or bad decisions are the types of things in our lives can cause all kinds of health conditions and emotional trauma. God is a God of second chances and no sin is too big for Him. Restoration is available through grace and forgiveness.

I have met with many women one on one through the years and take new clients from time to time. Contact me if you’d like to talk about the opportunities of working together.  601-513-2686.

Testimony:  I met Kathy through someone close to me that knew I was going through an emotional and spiritual roller coaster. When Kathy called me, I felt like I had known her for years. I told her details about the thing I was struggling with, I never felt judgment from her. She gave me tools that would help me emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  We went through a bible study together and she encouraged me to go through it with an open heart and mind. Emotionally, she encouraged me to journal all of my feelings and express them to my boyfriend at the appropriate times. She also gave me tips on eating healthy and the importance of taking care of myself. I still have days that I struggle, but because of her help I am not able to overcome. She helped me walk out of the darkness and into the light. Kathy is a gift from God and she brings blessings to everyone she touches.

Signed: J

I would consider it a privilege to share in your brokenness. Psalms 139:13  “you can rest in the assurance that God does forgive ALL sin. Let go and let God.

All conversations and communication is always confidential.