blanket of hugs

26 Degrees… Really?

blanket of hugsWELL the weather channel says that it’s going to be 26 degrees tonight. That’s cold. I stepped outside alittle bit ago to let my dogs out and got a chill to the bone. Almost immediately I felt my heart sink. I use to do crazy things like stand outside waiting on the DOGS and then run inside freezing cold and stick my hands on Dennis and jump in his lap and say, “warm me up”? He would of course always say, “baby stop it, your hands are freezing.” Boy what I would give to hear those words tonight.

I haven’ t shared this before but this is the blanket I had made out of Dennis’ t-shirts. The blanket is very heavy. When i bought the batting for it the sweet lady that made it said, “oh kathy this batting is so thick.” I said well I want it to last. She laughed and said, “well this blanket will be here long after you are.” I’m so glad .

Tonight I got to get it out and i’ve been sitting under it thinking on my sweet husband. It’s definitely not his sweet arms but it helps in it’s own little way. As I look down on the blanket I see many T-shirts from our travels, his favorite baseball team, work logo’s and there near the center is his “MY WIFE ROCKS” shirt. etc.( yeah i made him wear it ha ha) It is a remembrance of HIM.. RIGHT now I sure could USE one of his HUGS. He had the best.

The first time we ever hugged I felt so safe. It was truly like nothing I’d ever felt before. I use to tell him that that was what Stole my heart. Stole it then and still stealing it NOW.