Under the WILLOW….


WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? What or WHO encourages you to be a better person? What things scare you but you continue on and face your fears? Who do you need to speak a word to today that you’ve been putting off? Who do you know that might need a hug?
Smile, Encourage, dive off the deep end, speak love, give someone a hug, JUST DO IT…… Allow yourself to be a child again. Jump in mud puddles, holler outloud when you feel like it, Be amazed over little things, let your feet feel the coolness of the grass, learn a new craft, ride a bike, laugh a lot, show love to a stranger, and last but not least, THANK GOD FOR EVERY SINGLE DAY that is filled with EVERY OPPORTUNITY to be MORE in HIM. Spread your wings.‪#‎Warrior2underthewillow‬