Are you Changing???



What Challenge are you facing? Is there something in your life that seems to be an obstacle? What Change do you want to SEE? Is it change in the moment OR change for your future?
Sometimes we plan change but then sometimes we are forced into change. Losing Dennis was one of those. Dennis didn’t like change. That’s why he worked on the same job for 30 years. He had patterns which he followed, things he did the same day after day, year after year.‪#‎nothingwrongwiththat‬ ME on the other hand have been in line for change my whole life it seems. Jobs, homestead, school, and the list goes on. When someone ask me what I do, or what I’ve done in life I always laugh. I usually say I’ve done this and that through-out my life. ‪#‎bottomline‬ A jack of all trades but a master of NONE.
In just alittle over two weeks I will lead 28 ladies into a new challenge. I’m excited, yet nervous, but I know that GOD has paved the way for such a time as this. I cannot wait to worship HIM on my matt with everyone.
With God we are ever changing. Growing in HIM, becoming ALL that He has proclaimed each of us to be. Through the years I ‘ve heard Christians say, “well at least I”m not how I use to be.” “at least i’m better than I was.” 1 Samuel 10:6 says this. “the spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you. You will be changed into a different person”. Are you changing?
If your facing something right now that is keeping you from being the VERY BEST version of yourself…….. I challenge you to be CHALLENGED to CHANGE….