Are you restless? #yogafaith
We all find ourselves involved sometimes in not only our own troubles but others troubles as well. How do we respond? DO we allow our thoughts to take over our mind? Do those troubles take over our decisions? DO they take over our problem solving abilities?
DO we allow the restlessness to become greater than the ONE who created us FOR GREATNESS. Does that sound boastful to you? It’s NOT. God created each of us for Great things. He created us to live A life full of happiness, love and wellbeing. He created us to BE MORE than WE, ourselves, YOU AND ME…. could ever dream of.
What would you compromise your greatness for? money, sex, fame, big house, fancy car, to be part of the IN CROWD. Don’t ever allow yourself…. find yourself… in a place where your SPIRIT is changed by things of this world. Those things will be DUST one day.. You however will have STEPPED INTO YOUR GREATNESS.
Breathe, relax, restore, refill your well.
SO if it cost you your peace, it’s too expensive.