Are you showing your husband admiration???

Dear God, I love my husband. You have fitted us perfectly for each other. My husband is my best friend and I respect him so much. The problem is that sometimes I have a difficult time showing him my admiration. With the business of life, lack of energy, and forgetfulness, I rarely express my admiration for my husband. I desire that to change immediately! ( excerpt from today’s post by unveiled wife)
Unveiled Wife is one of my favorite blogs and when this post came across this morning it sorta jabbed at my heart. All those first things she listed were so true of mine and Dennis’ relationship. He truly was my best friend and yet the shortcomings for me were just the other things she mentioned. I found myself too busy a lot of days to show HIM the admiration that he so deserved. WE get so caught up doing things that don’t really matter, things that add no value to our marriages. In turn they catch the loss of our affections. Now i seat here each day with plenty of time on my hands to show him my admiration. Truth is i’m pining over HIM every day, having conversations with him everyday, looking at photos every day and wishing he was here.
I encourage you to STOP today and do something special for your husband. I know, he probably didn’t take out the trash this morning, He might have left his dishes in the sink last night. He might have even dropped his clothes in the floor BUT just try it. Over look those things today. ( what i would give to find Dennis clothes laying in the floor) Snuggle up and make HIM feel important. Take out a tube of lipstick and write him a sexy note on his bathroom mirror. Let him know that TODAY, RIGHT NOW , in your life, HE IS THE MAN…….