Attic People or Basement People????

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who bring out the best in others, and then there are certain people who tend to bring out the worst??? I’ve heard them referred to as “attic people” and “basement people.” One lifts you up; the other pulls you down.

Jesus was the Master of believing in the best in others and encouraging them to reach beyond their own limited view of their abilities. His disciples had witnessed Jesus command a lame man to walk, restore the rotting skin of a leprous outcast, remove fever from Peter’s mother-in-law with a touch, calm a raging storm, deliver a man from demons, and raise a litle girl from the dead. But Jesus wanted more from his friends than to remain spectators in the gospel. He longed for them to be participants and partakers.

During the passover celebration Jesus retreated to the north shore of the Sea of Galilee. Crowds of people quickly pursued this miracle worker to witness his teaching and healing power. One of his disciples remarked that the people were growing hungry. Jesus turned to Philip and asked. “where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” Jesus was not concerned with a lack of provisions. Rather, He was taking this opportunity to invite the disciples to share in His ministry. He didn’t need their help. However, He wanted to invite them to participate in a miracle to boost their confidence and faith. It was a gentle breeze in their sails.

Philip was smart. In a matter of moments he calculated that it would take eight months’ wages
to feed the ten thousand people gathered on the hill. But Jesus wasn’t looking for facts; He was looking for faith.

Andrew was practical. He canvassed the crowd to see what resources were available… and he came back with five small barley cakes and two small fish. But Jesus wasn’t looking for practical; He was looking for powerful.

THEN something powerful happened. He told the disciples to have the crowd sit down in groups. He took the loaves and fish, blessed the food , and gave it to the disciples to distribute.

Did Jesus need the disciples’ help? No, but He chose to include them in the miracle.

Read Matthew 10: 6-8 and read Matthew 28: 19-20 He saw potential in them. Like a coach he who belives in his team HE BELIEVES IN YOU…. He is the wind beneath our wings.