Be Still….

Sabbath…. What does that mean to you? Does it indicate REST? DO you need some REST? My challenge to you today is to get STILL before the almighty. To STOP talking, STOP doing and just BE STILL… Spend some time listening to HIM. What might he have to whisper in your ear today? CROWD out the noise and be so STILL that the only thing you can really hear is your heartbeat.

In yoga class there are opportunities to do just that. ITs WHERE we sit and focus on the stillness first in the room and then within ourselves. Your breath is the only sound there is.

Ocean breath is a deep breath that comes from the belly and releases through an open mouth and mimics the sound of the ocean. WHEN we do this in class not only do I hear the “HA” sound loudly but I hear the release of tension and anxiety and the room becomes filled with HIM. IT truly sounds like a WAVE rushing in and out. A wave that Rescues….

There is that moment between the release of ocean breath and the next breath, (it is seconds) thats like a fresh start, an opportunity to press in to HIM alittle harder, aittle closer, alittle deeper. #yogafaith