Birds of a Feather…..

I was up early a few days ago and looking out my kitchen window where tons of Red birds… some of you might call them Cardinals.  As a little girl my grandmother and I would sit and watch them. She just loved them hence my love for them I suppose. I ran and got my camera and took this shot… I was thinking about  how one would fly in and then several others would join in …. They seemed to be just “hangin out” . When is the last time you just “hung out”? They say Birds of a Feather, flock together… I had the chance yesterday to have lunch with a group of Christian friends. It wasn’t even planned, it just happen. It was a sweet time. We all need to “hang out” with those who can encourage us, speak God’s word into our hearts and show us that real Joy comes through knowing the Father. I encourage you today to Flock to someone who can touch your life. Surround yourself with friends  who you can just hang-out with in Christ.  Blessings to you today.