COLD… outside and inside….????

Gosh, I woke up this morning and it’s so cold. Seems we complain if it gets too hot and now I hear everyone already talking about how cold it is. Are you cold or hot??? Sometimes we are just like the weather.. Hot for God and then we find ourselves Cold for God.  Funny how the real Seasons in our lives change and so do our Seasons with God. I know that you can’t just be luke warm. I did that for so many years of my life. Thinking I was enjoying life, being involved in all my JUNK.  Looking back I realize I was just passing time. God was NOT the center of my life so the truth is I WAS COLD… I have alitte fire burning inside these days. It keeps me warm all over. Don’t get me wrong there are days that I feel a draft but I just grab a log ( my bible) and throw it onto the fire. How about you? You COLD today? I encourage you to spend some time in his heated word, call a Christian friend who is like a nice wool wrap and aask them to pray with you . Let’s get those FIRES burning.