Do You Ever Wonder?

Do You Ever WonderIt is so easy to get caught in the trap of asking questions “God what have I contributed? “, “God what do I do NOW?”
“God Where do I fit in?”
“God where do I find peace?”

Just today a friend of mine and I were talking . It wasn’t just any conversation. It was the kind where you share your deepest fears and concerns. The kind of conversation where you both agree that “this is a job for GOD”. She said something to me about a sign. She said Seek God . She said Ask God to show you something.

A few hours later He did just that.

About 3:30 I opened my mailbox to find a handwritten note from Jessica. I looked at the return address and thought ” who is this, I don’t recognize the name”.

I opened the note and as I read her words,tears began to fall. It was from a Bride whose wedding I shot 10 years ago thanking me and reminding me of sharing in her day. I sat there truthfully dumbfounded at first but then I thought ” oh wow, I’ve got to show this to Dennis, he isn’t gonna believe this. Then I thought, “well Kathy you won’t be doing that.”

My next move was to drive it straight to the friend whom I had the conversation with earlier about reminders, signs, and getting close to God.

10 years ago I captured this young Bride’s wedding and God chose today to deliver this special note to me.

10 years of shooting weddings and almost 400 weddings later someone still took the time to say thanks. Jessica will probably never know the impact her sweet note had on me today but it was a sign ( as silly as some of you might think that sounds ) that our actions do matter. Our time is precious and how we use it to impact others lives is crucial. I say all that not to shine a light on me, but to shine the light on the awesomeness of Christ. His plan, his purpose and His goodness. Thanks God for showing up and thanks Jessica for being obedient. And last but not least thanks Karen for listening to me today. Jessica says in the note that this is “out of the blue,” but we know it wasn’t.