Three years ago I took in a DOG. On my way to get a massage that cold snowy night she came out of no where. She was staring at me with those beautiful GOLD EYES. I rubbed her head and went on inside for my massage and deep down I was saying “lord please don’t let that dog be there when I come out.”
Spent an hour on the massage table and as we finished up and we walked to my car she was GONE. OR so we thought…. ALL the sudden here she came out of the dark from an old building, wagging her tail and almost talking to us with those beautiful gold eyes. I got a flash light and we went inside the building to see if maybe there was puppies or something but NO, NOTHING. Just a place under an OLD desk that she had sorta made for herself.
She was super friendly and my massage girl and I started saying to each other ” WELL we can’t leave her here.” IT was freezing. One of those RARE OCCASIONS when we actually get snow in Mississippi.
She called her husband and he said NO, NO, NO. SO we walked back out to my car, I opened the hatch back and I said, “come on girl your going home with me.” NOTE: One of my bad traits in case you don’t know is doing things and saying things BEFORE I THINK.
She came home with me that night and slept in my laundry room. She was housebroken, so dang sweet and very loving. Her eyes seemed to get even more gold as the days went by. Dennis wasn’t surprised when I showed up with her that night. He was like, “baby we can’t keep this dog”. Knowing in his heart… we were keeping the DOG. haha
Long story short, “GOLDIE” was pregnant. SOOOOO about 5 weeks after bringing her home she had 8 beautiful puppies. I raised them for about 6 weeks and then began to find them all great homes. GOLDIE went to live with an older guy out of meridian. He too was alone and needed some company.
When this came up on my memory page today my heart jumped for JOY. I would rescue HER all over again.
{POINT OF SHARING THIS WITH YOU ) It made me think about how CHRIST has rescued us. How he took us in and fed us and gave us his living water. How He keeps us warm with HIS word, engrafts us with a heart for others and takes away (removes) our pain.
Sometimes we seem HOPELESS… Just like Goldie that night. Held up in a cold , wet old building. Sometimes we are held up by LIES of this life. I’m not enough…. No one loves me…. I don’t fit in….. I”M ALONE…..
Are you feeling HOPELESS today? IF so turn to HIM. Allow Christ to RESCUE YOU. Give your heart and your life to HIM. What a better time to REST IN HIM…….
Psalms 37: 40 “The Lord helps them, rescuing them from the wicked. He saves them, and they find shelter in HIM.”