Does he ask you to take action?????

I was reading this morning and came across the story of Jesus first miracle. He was attending a wedding. They were just about to run out of wine and his mother came to him and said, “Oh Jesus, please make some more wine for us.” He told her that it was not his time yet. ( having not performed any miracles yet) Mary must have known different. As in most miracles Jesus performed, he involved the faith and obedience of others. The servants were an important part of the miracle as they did just what Jesus told them to do.

Have you ever asked Jesus to get involved in an unusal problem? No matter what problem you have, Jeus invites you to seek him as the solution to your problem.

Usually when we have problems we just want them fixed and we want them fixed quick. Isn’t that the way of the world these days. Everything has a microwave mentality. DO it now….. I want it now….. seems to be everyone’s agenda…

Sometimes Jesus wants us to wait on him. To rest in him. To seek his face. If we will do that our problems will seem smaller than they are, not as heavy as we thought and in the process we will find someone who loves us more than anyone else and wants the very best for us.