Endurance for Life’s journey can be very hard. WE want what we want, we aren’t prepared for disappointments, and sometimes we are blindsided. IF we can walk each day with HIM and hold on to our patience HE will show up. He will hold us, guide us, love us and GROW us in ALL things. Pain comes as a reminder that LIFE is fragile, Peace comes as a reminder of whom it is found IN.
James 1:3 “For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”
In verse 2 James doesn’t say IF trouble comes your way, but WHEN it does. Are you facing troubles today? the latter part of verse 2 says “Consider it an opportunity for great joy.” Sounds strange to find JOY right dab in the middle of pain-trouble. IT’s a balancing act that I’ve been working on for some time now. It’s hard, hurtful, lonely, brings tears and emptiness. Many days I’ve felt as if endurance is for others.
When the pain of losing Dennis overcame everything about my life my Good Good Father came along beside me and softly at first, he began to whisper in my ear, “you can do this”. Then HE got alittle louder, “keep your eyes on ME.”. Then He began to shout, “ENDURE sweet child of mine… you got this, cling to me.” As days and now months have gone by, I’m still learning to ENDURE…
There are no greater words than the sweet words of the Father, no greater peace than time spent with the Father , no greater place of prayer than our prayer room and no greater privilege than the power of PRAISE.