Happy Birthday Dennis…

Happy Birthday Dennis….. Today I share one of my favorite photos of my sweet husband with you in celebration of his Birthday. He would have been 62 today. This was taken 2 years ago while we were on our annual beach trip. Something we looked forward to.
He was doing what he loved. CHILLIN’… Do rag and all. He was sound asleep on our deck surrounded by the sound of the ocean and the smell of the beach. Me, oh i’m sitting off to the side reading and writing and watching him breath and feeling blessed. Putting my thoughts on paper, like I am now.
I thought every year when we made this trip that I was blessed (and I was) but I know now that it is in the little things where we really find unmeasurable blessings.
Seems silly to some to even acknowledge a Birthday for someone who has left this earth but it’s not silly at all. This is a day of the year for 23 years we celebrated together. I must say though that I’ve always seen birthdays alittle different than most. To me it has nothing to do with the gifts, the decorations or the party, but everything to do with the LIFE that GOD has given us. Birthdays are special. They are makers to me that you’ve made it another year. It’s an opportunity to reflect and to siege all at the same time. ‪#‎lookingbackmovingforward‬.
Life is fragile, death is tragic but when you mix those two together you find MEMORIES. One is while your making them and the other is what brings them more to life.
Dennis was an extraordinary man. One who was remarkably smart, level headed, BIG hearted and who loved unconditionally.
If I had my RATHERS… well I’d be in my kitchen today ( with my Queenie apron on. Some will get that, others of you won’t) baking him a birthday cake and planning dinner tonight. We would probably be sitting down to our dining room table alone with a room filled with candles and white lights and having small talk. Boy how I miss that. But instead….. i’m blessed to be celebrating in my heart and remembering ALL the good times. Happy Birthday Sweetie.
“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the GOD who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.” Psalms 25: 4-5dennis