Happy Birthday Dennis

Happy Birthday 01 Happy Birthday Dennis…. Today is my sweet husband’s Birthday.

Like a lot of birthdays past, He isn’t home. I spent years with Him working off shore celebrating alone. It was just something I got use to or should I say accepted over the years. Today sorta crept up on me but truth is i’ve been thinking on what I was going to do today to NOT just sit here at home and possibly chance being depressed. ( i know i’m the only would that would think such a thing). ANOTHER FIRST.

As today got closer however I decided I would bake Him a cake. (hence the pictures attached. I know it may be silly to you but that’s okay) I can hear him now saying something like, “oh honey the cake looks beautiful, you shouldn’t have, but i’m sure glad you did. ha It’s a new recipe, one I found and as always, put my twist to it.

Happy Birthday 02It’s actually only a 6″ layer cake and it’s suppose to be what they call a naked cake. Not a lot of icing where the cake actually shows through. It has a melted white chocolate topping and fresh raspberries.

Truth is I feel pretty naked writing this post. The pain, the loss, the agony of sharing in his special day alone. I came across something this morning however that spoke volumes to me. It said “maybe, just maybe God is up to something. Maybe He’s strengthening your faith in the struggle. Maybe He’s refining your character in the fire. Maybe He’s giving you a new skill in the fight of your life.” WOW, now that is something to celebrate so AS I reflect on Dennis’ special day I accept the challenge to BE MORE, GROW MORE and GIVE MORE in the ways that GOD would have me to.

Help me celebrate today. DO one kind thing today for someone.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS !!! I love YOU.