Happy Mother’s Day to the special women in my life…

13151808_10153999491085590_6154227138766503294_nTo the Women in my Life who have helped make me who I am … Past and Present… Happy Mother’s Day…
Most of the really important women in my life have come and gone…. Gone as in clicked their heels and went to their forever HOME. Heaven…. Praise the Lord. !!
My Mother: sassy, loved people, was opinionated, a great conversationalist, loved red lipstick and was the life of the party. We loved each other so very much but we could tangle up like cats and dogs. haha
My Grandmother (mamma): Godly, trustworthy, great cook, always happy, loved the outdoors, I spent most of my summers with her. She had a lot of sayings… Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, always say i’m sorry first, Don’t talk so much. Some of those didn’t stick. (ha)
My Mother n law: (Helen) Kind, Gentle, God Fearing, Godly wife, encouraging, loved to quilt and was patient. She also complained that I cooked with too much garlic. haha OUR JOKE.
My Sister ( Nancy): Genuine, an achiever, always supportive, Loved the Lord, Loved her family and never said a bad word about anyone. The last person I talked to almost every night before going to bed.
All these women loved me unconditionally. They loved me when I probably wasn’t so lovable. They taught me about LIFE. Things about the challenges of life, things about the happiest moments of life, how to be courageous through the loss of your love, the battle with cancer, and finding yourself with dementia. They had a good ride to the very end.
The other special woman in my life is still living. She is the wife to my son, the mother to my grandchildren and my friend. I love her like a daughter. She is brave, smart, loves her family, adventurous, caring and her name is Erica. Erica Ann as her mother would say. ha Very soon she and my son will be married 7 years. She is perfect for Him. I’ve watched her live with Diabetes, be the recipient of a kidney and pancreas and just recently watched her fight for her life due to a fungus in her lungs. The very fact that she is here is proof that GOD has, and still does have a plan for her life. A very specific plan.
and TO ALL the trusted friends who have loved me through life, supported me through thick and thin I love you…… I couldn’t do it without each of YOU….