Happy New Year…..

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ( this was written January 1st, 2015)


WARNING this is a LONG POST but I hope that if you take the time to read it, you will find encouragement…..
First let me say Happy New Year!!! You may have been a part of a great party last night counting the clock down or you may have stayed home cuddled up watching a movie but let me ask, “ did you at some point spend any time reflecting on 2014?” “Did ringing in a NEW YEAR cause you to ask yourself questions?”
* How much did I grow in God?
*Did my relationships become richer?
* Did I conquer some of my goals?
* Did I face any heartbreak or hardships? If so… did I learn more about myself from them?
*Did I allow new friends into my life?
Did you go into this New Year setting some New Year’s resolutions? I’ve often wondered where that tradition came from. A few years ago I stopped doing that. Truth is I usually found myself breaking them about 3 to 4 months in. I began a new thing about 3 years ago where I began to pray to GOD about a WORD for the New Year. In 2013 my word was REDEEMED… That word meant a lot to me that year and still does. It meant so much that July of that year I went and had it tattooed on my wrist. It is a reminder that I am truly Redeemed, Brought back from, CAPTURED from the ruins of my old life. When Big Daddy Weave came out with their song, “I am Redeemed” I could actually see myself dancing in the spirit, It touched my soul deep.
This past year my Word was SIMPLIFY….. I remember thinking that was a strange word. For those of you who know me I’m not very simple. I can be a little complex at times. BUT God Knew…. So many things happened in my life over this past year to make things quiet simple. Starting in February when I had my retinal detachment….That one simple thing rocked my world. I had to pretty much quit my job, couldn’t drive like I normally did, couldn’t see at night, would stumble and fall and the list goes on. Truth is I became very insecure. I had to learn to be satisfied NOT working and satisfied with my new normal. I had to begin to look for other things to occupy my time, to fill that void. For someone who is a workaholic it was challenging. I began to clean out closets in my spare time, give things away and began to just declutter my life. In time I began to realize that LIFE MADE SIMPLE brings so much more peace.
I began a few months ago praying about my WORD for 2015…… truthfully it’s usually the end of December before I really hear a CLEAR word from GOD. Most of you know that on December 2nd my entire world was erupted. I lost my Sweet Husband. This I was NOT prepared for. ( I will save that story for another time) In the middle of all that hurt and pain I forgot about my word for this year until I woke up this morning… Not sure why but something inside me said, “okay, so what is your word, your focus for this year”? I couldn’t answer that question this morning or at least not completely. SO I’m asking you… “What is your word, your focus for this year”? I hope that you know that answer. I hope that you have been spending time with GOD and have allowed HIM to speak into your spirit so that YOU know what his plans are for your life. I want to encourage each of you if you have not done that to do so TODAY… DON”T WAIT… waiting makes you unprepared for the battle, unprepared for the hurts, unprepared for the Growth that GOD has for you. He will give you a WORD if you ask and you will find yourself amazed at how much it truly will pertain to your life over this next year.
In facing my LOSS, I’ve not been able to pray.. I’ve NOT been mad with GOD I’ve just been so hurt that I literally haven’t been able to function some days. TODAY for me it’s time to break the silence.. IT’s time to tell GOD how I feel, (not that He doesn’t already know) it’s time to remove that VEIL of despair and allow HIM IN….. I have to BELIEVE Isaiah 43:1-4
In 2015 I hope that you will LOVE deeply, let Joy have no bounds, engage in the abundance of friendships, experience life completely and OPEN your heart and soul for the WONDER that God has yet to show You .
Happy New Year- 2015..