Have you been Neutered????

I’m sure that question got your attention???? We took our Boxer to be neutered yesterday and it really got me to thinking. About half way there we thought,” Are we doing the right thing?” We concluded that we were and continued on. We picked him up late yesterday afternoon and he was feeling Terrible…. I mean capital T terrible. I got his bed fixed and checked on him all night long. I petted him throughout the night trying to show him some comfort. THEN about 4 am this morning it hit me. “What if I had been neutered?” Not in the sense of a dog but in life. Have you ever been Neutered. Something taken away from you that left you sick, broken-hearted, feeling despair. I’m sure we all have. What do we do when we lose something?? What if it is simply that job that we wanted and did not get, what if it was that bonus or raise we thought we were gonna get and didn’t, what if it was that cute fella we just knew was going to be ours but turned out to be someone elses OR maybe, just maybe, we lost our spirit. ( our power and desire to praise and worship) Have any of those things happen to you??? TODAY.. let’s press in to the one who gives us all things, blesses us with all things and who takes care of us in ALL THINGS…..