What an Incredible 8 Days…

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What an incredible 8 days.!!
What appeared to be simply Christian Yoga Teacher training turned into a journey of reflection, the over-coming of fears, physical challenges to the point of exhaustion, incredible teaching of life plus yoga all wrapped up in Jesus.
With each day I was challenged on so many levels. You know the kind of challenges that you are not sure your strong enough to tackle. The kind that make you ask these questions:
• Where have you come from?
• Where do you want to go?
• Who is your advocate for the journey?
• What am I doing with the time God has given me?
• And am I making a difference in the every day lives of others?
How could I have known the many fragile things in my heart that would surface during these 8 days?
Checking in at the Jackson airport shook me to my core. I had to walk right through the pathway where I dropped Dennis off that last time. His words echoed in my ears. “ Baby, always remember how much I love you.” Last words He ever spoke to me. What a blessing and gift from God.
I was still crying as I took my seat on the plane thinking back on the day we flew out to try to get him home.
I call these moments markers. Specific moments in time (your life) that change you forever.
About 5 days in I truly wondered if I would be able to complete the training. It pushed me in ways I’ve never been pushed. I kept clinging to the conversations Dennis and I had had about this training many times over the last few years. It’s really been about a 5-year process.
During Graduation yesterday I was anointed with oil while prayer was being spoken over me. I clung tight to Dennis’ wedding ring. It was as if I could hear him whisper, “you did it baby.”
My prayer is that moving forward, this training, this transformation, can be a stepping stone, a tool, to help keep myself healthy and to help other women get healthier, happier and whole.
I am so grateful for every teacher who helped mold me and who spoke into my life these past 8 days. May blessings come back to each of you.
God is so good and HE wants good for each of our lives. RYT-200, RYFT-200