It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


This Christmas is different. I’m seeing it from a different prospective this year. Rather than making memories with Dennis this year, i’m reflecting on the memories that i’ve already made with HIM. I can remember many things about the Christmas’ over the past 23 years. Some he was home for and some he was not. ( having worked off shore) I think what we enjoyed most was just sitting in the dark and staring at our tree. Might sound boring but it wasn’t. It would be so quiet and we would snuggle up and just BE. Then usually he would lean over and kiss me on my forehead and whisper “I love you”. There is was. MY BEST PRESENT ALWAYS. The first year we lived in this old house I put up 5 Christmas trees. What man endures that. ha HE DID. HA This photo of us was made about 4 Christmas’ ago and the other pic is my little 9′ skinny tree that I put up this year. BIG CHANGE. maybe next year I’ll get the Big mama jamma back out. ha
We seem to get caught up in the all the gift buying, the big parties, the food and much more, but if we stripped all that away, what does Christmas really mean to us? What’s really at the heart of Christmas for you this year? I hope that Christ is bigger and brighter than any gift you have gotten or any lights you have hung. I hope He is remembered as the greatest gift of all this Christmas.
We had candle light service tonight at church and I was quickly reminded of what Christmas is really about. I hope that HE is more real in your life this Christmas than HE was last year. I hope the Real meaning of Christmas for you is still CHRIST. He is the HOPE and the LIGHT of the world.
Merry Merry Christmas. May you be Blessed beyond anything you have ever known. Hope tomorrow is filled with everything that makes each of you truly HAPPY. !!!!