A friend of mine posted this picture yesterday and it brought so many thoughts to my mind.

I saw the statement first as BEING BOLD. “BE WHO YOU ARE…” THEN almost immediately I ask myself… “do I know who I am?” I’ve questioned that off and on many times through the trials in my life. (sidetone: Grief has a way of pushing you into a lot of introspect)

The world will try to tell you who to BE but what I’ve learned is that you can’t live life trying to please the world… Not Really..Don’t even try… Infact i’ve learned you can wear yourself out trying to please others, trying to be like others, trying to fit in and the truth is, trying to be something your NOT really chips off little pieces of your heart along the way. Dizzy, OUT of breath, exhausted kind of pieces.

I pondered over this picture alittle deeper and then I saw this young lady sitting there doing the same. Pondering about whether to jump in or not.

Almost immediately my next thought was … “WELL you just dive on in girl and allow GOD to bring you right back to the top.” You know how it is when you jump in the water and you finally find your feet touching bottom. You realize you have found a safety net and YOU push with all your might to surface. TRUTH is… HE will always bring us back up as long as we just hold on to him. He is our LIFE RAFT. What are you pondering today. JUMP IN.
He will rescue you from DEEP WATERS. Psalms 18:16