Kathy taking a photo

Looking Back…

Kathy taking a photoWhat do you see when you look at this picture? YEAP… pretty simple, me taking a photo. As a Photographer sometimes you have to get in a crazy position to get the best shot. What you don’t see is the person taking the photo of me taking the photo. That would be my sweet husband. Many of you don’t know this but the first date He ever took me on was a trip down the Natchez Trace to this historical church and what did he have around his neck….. YEAP a camera. It was his hobby when we met. He had such an eye for detail. Infact there were a few times He actually went with me to shoot a wedding but that “me being the boss thing” didn’t last too long. ha ha

This was shot in NOLA, one of our favorite get away places and this was shot on October 29th, 2014…. I handed him a camera and said have fun. Of course I had no idea he had shot this until getting home and uploading these photos. I laughed to myself cause he was “sneaky” like that. Probably my greatest supporter through all those years of shooting weddings. When I would be freaking out about a big event he would calmly say, “baby, you got this”. That’s sorta what this photo reminds me of. He was just hanging out off behind me saying, “baby you got this”. ( this was our last little get a-way together)

Little did I know that one month later November 29th, 2014 I would get that dreaded phone call saying HE WAS VERY SICK and had been air lifted off the rig. That phone call began 2 days of unknown events that would eventually change my life forever. Today I am reflecting on that call, what was said, how I felt and the anticipation of not knowing…. BUT even in that….. TODAY I’m sharing a “NUGGET” with you that weaves HOPE into my thoughts and even in the midst of me re-living those events , THIS little SHOT, this little “you got this baby, This little unexpected nugget MAKES ME SMILE…..

If you are re-flecting today, re-living a tragic event today I pray that you will search for the “nugget”, the “Shot” that could brighten your day. Hebrews 6:19a ” This Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast.” .