Some of My favorite Things…..

Dennis hands up

Today I have reminisced about how many things Dennis did that were my Favorites.
For 23 years He always opened doors for me. I never got into a vehicle that He didn’t reach for the door. It always made me feel so much like a lady. It made me feel protected.
He always acted like my jokes were funny. We could literally get the silly giggles so bad. He would finally holler out STOP IT…. Sometimes he would go to bed before me and leave me sleeping on the couch ( I”d be trying to watch a movie) and then when I would go to bed I would snuggle in beside him and pinch his nose (cutting off his air supply) till it would wake him up. I would be dying laughing and He would wake up startled and say, “are you crazy?” and then we would laugh for an hour and that of course would sometimes turn into the best pillow talk of the week.
I loved it when we would go up to the cemetery together and take a late afternoon walk. We use to do that quiet a bit. I’ve always loved the way the sun sets over that cemetery. We would walk and talk, hold hands and watch as the sun would set. Now I go up about that same time of day and sit on the bench beside his grave and as the sun sets, I’m still having conversations with HIM.
I loved the way he would order dinner for me. We might go round and round about where to eat but once we got there HE WAS THE BEST. ” She will have a Filet, medium, baked potato, just butter, oh and blue cheese dressing.” I loved it that He knew me that well.. …
One of my VERY favorite was the way he would say goodnight. Many nights we would climb in the bed and get all settled in. Sometimes it takes me alittle bit to get my pillows like I want them. (ha) WE might have the radio on or possibly a late night show, but regardless he would reach over and either grab me by my hand or roll towards me and kiss me on the forward and softly say, I LOVE YOU BEST……