When you think of the word “POWER” what do you think of? Power as in electricity, Power as being a CEO, Power as in physical strength?  We sometimes say, “Oh, they have the Power”. Usually when that is said we are speaking of something earthly….. Have you ask yourself lately IF you have the POWER.? There are many scriptures in God’s word that show us the Power of God.  To have Power in the Lord means to know that you have yielded your life to him totally, you have sold out, you have allowed him to come and dwell inside of you. That’s where your Power comes from.  The reason Moses had Power was because he yielded his life and allowed God to use him.  When is the last time you lead someone to Christ, Prayed for healing, just did something for the kingdom. I encourage you to do it TODAY.  Be filled with God’s power today. Put all your needs aside, let the sin go in your life and realize that God is the only one who can FIX YOU.  Do you know that POWER today? Are you Transformed?