We were driving to dinner last night with some friends and all of the sudden a rainbow showed up in the sky THEN…. when you looked closely there were two. It’s was so cool. I looked out the back glass and thought, “how in the world does God do that?” It’s like 5 colors just swooshed across the sky, always in an arch. Remember when you were little and your grandmother would tell you there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I love to color, always have and always will. I can remember when I was a little girl ( not so long ago (ha)) and my mom would take me to the doctor, we would always stop at the ole drugstore and get me a color book and some crayons while they were filling my prescription. GOSH, it was almost worth getting sick. ( NOT) but you know what I mean. When I had some surgery a couple of years ago I actually got me a color book and some crayons then too.

God must like coloring too cause he sure shows it in his rainbows. Whens the last time you stopped long enough to color???

Come on…. break out of the box, it’s okay to be a kid sometimes…..