Re-Building your HOUSE….

Around the corner from where I live they were tearing down a house. I took notice every time I drove by. Then for some reason Friday I stopped and took a picture. It was sorta neat I suppose. One day the house was there and the next pretty much NOT. They torn into it with this big piece of machinery and in the blink of an eye it was GONE.   I began to ponder over what that pile of rubbish represented. How many times in our lives might we have been faced with our houses being torn down or torn apart? We have all experienced some kind of hurt and pain in our lives. When we do it affects our house. Not only the one we actually live in but also the one that lives in us. Our holy house. I have been pressing in for months now with GOD to free me of all my hurts and pains and to restore my house. Mainly the one inside of me. It is definately a journey, it takes a big piece of machinery…. it’s name is GOD.. This morning as I drove by this lot, it is all clean, the rubbish is gone. A new plot, new ground , fresh dirt waiting for something to be built on.  IS that you this morning? Do you need a place to rebuild? He is there waiting on you. AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE….. We will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15