roller coaster
I bet there are many of you who actually stand in line to ride one of these things. NOT ME. i’ve always run from them. Upside down and all around is NOT for me. Of course these last, almost 7 months, have been just like living on a roller-coaster. The uncertainly of the next more, the fast turn, the drop, your heart racing, the white knuckles from holding on for dear life. With each passing day come new challenges. I Keep praying that the HOLE in my heart will heal and this roller- coaster ride will END.
Do you feel that way sometimes.? Do you feel like your on a roller- coaster ride? Your situation is probably different from mine but many things in life can break us down, make us feel unsure, and alone. Hurts and disappointments can SHAKE us and cut us to our core. Is that you today? IF SO, I want you to read the following words. Read them slow, read them two or three times if you need to.
Read them knowing that we have a MIGHTY GOD who is here for us even when we feel alone. He is waiting for us to peel our hands off the bar of the roller- coaster and TRUST in him.
Listen to Him….
“Regardless of what comes at you. I am with you to bring you through to clarity and victory. Be strong and resolute and refuse to allow fear and panic to take you out of the flow of my spirit. ( have you found yourself out of His spirit lately?) Take whatever time is necessary to quiet your thoughts and emotions and THEN ask for wisdom about your next step. I will show you the way”. GET OFF THE ROLLER-COASTER. ( last 5 words added by me)