Tea Cup Mentality…

Teacup mentality…..
Through my life I’ve done many things for a so called “job”.
Having spent time with some new people this weekend ( who I enjoyed so much) we talked about many things. Funny how we seem to always gravitate to some of these questions when we are getting to know someone. What do you do? Where do you live? Got any kids/grandkids? Who are your parents? Where do you go to Church? I’ve often wondered if these are ICE BREAKERS or ICE WHACKERS?
I know for myself I really never know where to start. I’ve had many jobs, I’ve lived in many places/different states, I do have grandkids, my parents… well My mom molded me in many ways and I was blessed enough to have two great dads and then there is CHURCH.
Yes, I’ve been to a few different ones through the years… I was just talking to someone yesterday about how “I don’t think God ever intended for us to have such a variety of denominations”. To me… I think these came about because Man couldn’t agree on what scripture says. ( enough on that) To me Church should be a place to accumulate folks, a coming together first of the saints so they can share what GOD has done in their lives through the week and build each other up. It should be a place to listen to HIS word, grow each and every week and to be encouraged to continue building your life and the lives of others. A place to encourage, draw and teach non-believers about second chances. Church should be a place to worship and praise the almighty for HE is worthy to be praised.
Sorry about that, this post isn’t about church….. It’s about YOUR POTENTIAL.
Do you ever feel as if your possibly not doing what GOD intended for you to do in your life? DO you ever want more? I think sometimes we do things out of our own comfort rather than press through to the uncomfortable with GOD.
I know as I’ve been working on this building/studio,the place God spoke to me about a couple of months ago, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve questioned it a few times. It’s taken much longer than I imagined, cost more than I EVER intended to spend and I got sick right in the middle of working on it due to in inhalation of huge amounts of saw-dust. At that point I wanted to QUIT. As silly as this may sound this really isn’t even my building…. The way that GOD has shown this to me I’m not even sure what all HE plans to do with it.
Many have begun to ask me “kathy, what you doing down there?” I laugh and say , “i’m not sure”. Truth is a good definition as to what it will be is a Yoga/Wellness Center all wrapped in GOD. It’s funny to me that when I mention YOGA I get a few questionable looks and yes a few comments about yoga being something bad. When studying Yoga last year so that I could become certified to teach I was quite surprised at the REAL background of YOGA and what it truly does for the human mind and body. Yoga is yes, an old practice that yes was used by many from other countries but it is NOT a religion. YOGA is not about doing headstands, CROW, WHEEL, twisting like a pretzel. OH don’t get me wrong, it can be, but that isn’t MY FOCUS. Yoga is being used now by the American Cancer Society, In schools for ADHD, Autism, Parkinsons, Anxiety and depression and MUCH MORE.
I will be using Yoga as a healing tool, a way to worship on your mat, and teaching about strengthening your core, improving your flexibility and building your balance. I want to teach others how to DUMP their anxieties through wholesome mindfulness. I will be using scriptures to set the tone for class and will teach you how to calm your mind through breathing and resting in HIM. Yoga was one of the key elements to regaining my health, my joy and my spirit as I walked through the valley of grief. GOD and I have spent many hours on my mat.
From time to time I will be guiding you through a bible study or two if you choose to participate and I will be hosting some whole food cooking classes so that you can learn to cook healthier for yourself and your family. May have a couple of pop-up lunch practices where you can come for stretching and a word and eat a whole food meal …. all in about 45 minutes.
As I laid in bed last night thinking upon my ventures to come, thinking about where to place my black art deco address numbers I began to cry. Just the anticipation of starting something new was alittle overwhelming. Truth is if you had told me years ago that I would be opening a yoga/wellness center at 62 I would have probably laughed myself into a STUPER…. BUT God, I feel knew a long time ago how all this would play out.
My question for you today is “what might GOD have planned for your life?” Do you have a teacup mentality???