bridge web


Take a moment to gaze upon this bridge. What do you see?
If I was to ask you what takes you OVER In times of trouble, despair, fear, disappointment, grief, illness what might you say? When you come to those bumps in the road, WHO or WHAT carries you OVER? How do you get from POINT A to POINT B? Who or What is the BRIDGE in your life that holds you up, keeps your feet out of the miry clay, mends your broken heart and allows you to keep moving without interruption?
I’ve always loved the Bay Bridge as you go around MOBILE. I was lucky enough to catch this shot yesterday. I love all the architectural aspects of this bridge. The huge steel cables connecting the TOP of the bridge to the actual road. Reminds me of the Great strength that GOD has to hold us UP. ‪#‎carryusinourtimeofneed‬.
IF you look really close you will see two big H’s. Another piece of architecture that is pretty cool. Honestly I didn’t even see those while taking the picture cause I was driving with one knee with camera in hand. ‪#‎toodangeroustotry‬. I only saw them after getting home and uploading the picture. Isn’t that how GOD works sometimes. He is right in the middle of our situation. Carrying us, holding us up, protecting us from things. Sometimes we are aware of His presence and sometimes we are not.
Many months have gone by since my heart was broken into. In seeking GOD everyday I find myself looking at situations different, I look at people different, I find myself looking at church different, my communication is different. Lets just say ‪#‎MYROADSAREDIFFERENT‬.
Let me ask you. “Are you on a BRIDGE right now in your life?” “Has HE set up another way of escape for you again?” “IS HE carrying you over?”
In Isaiah 41:10 it says Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. ( i’m carrying you over) Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. ( SEE the Bridge ahead) I will strengthen you and help you. ( don’t you see my cables are strong ) I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. ( My hand…….. Your bridge of LIFE)……