The Longest Ride…..( A Movie inspired by a novel by Nicholas Sparks)

Tonight I sat alone and watched the movie “The Longest Ride”. It’s 1am and tears are falling like rain. It is a movie about love and loss and the determination to make the Love you feel for another, the MOST important thing in your life. The kind of love that makes LIFE the best that it can be.
Without giving away the story I will just say in short that there is a line in the movie where an “off” character makes the statement,” I would trade every single one of them just to hear your voice, see your smile or hold you in my arms one more time.” ( you’ll have to watch the movie to know what that single thing is).
At that moment in the movie I KNEW exactly what he was talking about, I felt it to my core. That yearning deep within to hear his voice, to see his smile and hold him in my arms once again. I wonder some days how i’m truly going to make it without you.
I was reminded tonight the true gift that Dennis gave to me. He allowed me to know and to live what TRUE earthly love really is. A love that can conquer anything, a love that endures anything.
Thanks Dennis for “The Longest Ride” of my life. I love you with all that I am or ever will be.