I’m always amazed at how a few days at the beach can regenerate many things within me. There is nothing like the beach for rest and solitude, something Dennis and I liked to do every year in the fall when kids were gone back to school and the snow birds were just arriving. I’m reminded that life, like the ocean, has things that are hidden beneath the surface yet there is JOY and COMFORT in it’s rhythmic motion.
The ocean is the beauty of God’s Hand. The sound of Restoration. The resemblance of life’s HIGHS and LOWS and the sand surrounding it all where you can make footprints of your life. The sound of seagulls ringing in your ears and the sunrise and sunset reminding us that another day has come and gone.
I was blessed a couple of weekends ago to share this trip with my SISTERS in Christ. You know the ones you can pray and praise with without limits. The ones that Love you no matter what. It was such an honor to share in a devotional time which included YOGA #yogafaith. It was a time of sweet fellowship.
On Saturday I chose to stay at the house and REST. It was much needed. I walked and talked with GOD along the beach and reminisced on memories of LIFE. I sat on the edge of the beach and meditated on God’s word and prayed about things to come. As many of you know I love to write so I was jotting as God was piercing my heart. This is what I got.
Poem October 2017-
Life thrusts our hearts like waves and wind, only for Him to bring us peace again;
In the bottom of the ocean there are mysteries, it’s deep and dark where we cannot see;
In the dark we feel afraid and alone, In the depths of that fear we begin to groan;
From the muck and the mire you surround us with your love, pulling us up with mercy from above’;
Higher than the mountains, greater than the sea, Your love oh God carries me:
The empty chairs reminded me that GOD always has a seat for us. The shadow picture made me think of the imprint we leave on the world. An outline of our lives and The double H means your halfway Home. ha
Isaiah 43:2 “when you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”