Time for a Journey

I borrowed this photo from a bible journaling class for the sole purpose of  sharing it with you.
I ask myself daily, God What do you want me to do with my time? God who do you want me to seek out today? God who might you have me share your word with today? Then some days I also ask, GOD, Where is this Journey taking me? I have found that if you stay close to GOD he will take you places. Some places that seem really good and some places that hurt you to the core. The journeys that include “valleys” can be really tuff, painful, life-changing.

Can you imagine GOD actually pulling up at your house to get you. Do you think you would want to ride shotgun or would you just hop in the back-seat and try to sorta hide there. Would you holler and ask HIM to turn the radio to your favorite station or would you sit quietly waiting for HIM to ask you what you want to listen to? Truth is He may pull up at any time. He might even help you pack your bags.

IS HE asking you to take a journey with HIM or are you on a new Journey with HIM right now? It might require short travels or HE could be asking you to take a long trip. Truth is sometimes when the DETOUR signs show up, the pot holes get big, your really not sure about the journey at all. I know that to be true cause sometimes Journey’s with GOD are scary… Sometimes you show up with a lot of baggage. You had no idea it cost more for that extra baggage. You know that second bag that is really weighing you down. The one that won’t fit in the overhead. YEAH…. you know the one.

Do you know the familiar sound of GOD when HE says, “we are now boarding?” Get acquainted cause if your not on a journey now… you just might be soon.enjoy the journey with God