What are you BECOMING???

becomingThrough out my life I have done a lot of things. UNLIKE my husband who worked at the same job for 30 years. I’ve owned a State approved Day Care, Owned a nail salon, been to nursing school, taught art to elementary students, Been a wedding Photographer, worked on Capital Hill, built spec homes, sold real-estate and i’ve always laughed and said “if God had given me boobs i’d probably have been a stripper”. I KNOW, I KNOW. some of you are gasping for air right now. ha SORRY….. it’s a joke but probably does have alittle truth mixed in cause I do love to dance. (side note: it was just sorta true when I was much younger)… It seems that i’ve never really known what I wanted to be when I grow up.

Over the past couple of weeks i’ve had the privilege of visiting with a friend of mine as she watched her husbands health decline and who ultimately went to be with the LORD and this morning my day started out with a 7am phone call from an official asking me to come to another friend of mines home cause her husband had just passed away. I say privileged cause it truly has been. My heart breaks for both of them. I know what they are facing. This doesn’t make me special but because of my journey, it make me broken, it makes me available, it makes me….. well it allows me to know what that truly feels like. I just hope that in some small way my pain can become a source of help for another. It has once again reminded me that life is truly fragile and sometimes short. It then reminds me to remind you of that fact in hope that you will take an extra moment tonight, tomorrow or next week to spend some extra time with someone you care about.

I’ve been asking GOD a lot of questions as I approach the year anniversary of my sweet husband’s home-going. “what would you have me to do Lord?”. That’s been a big question. I’ve told him that I will do what ever He ask me to do but truth is I’ve begun to realize that it’s not about DOING… it’s about becoming….. I saw this inspirational quote the other day and I’ve been pondering over it ever since. It’s so true of my life. I’m becoming. Many things about my life have been taken away and GOD is brining new things into my life and I PRAY that I can truly BECOME what HE has meant for me to BE all along.

What journey are you on? What are you becoming??? The word BECOME means to undergo change or development. GOSH I sure need that. What about YOU???