What direction is your life going? What does your life’s compass say? Have you found yourself lost in a place that is unfamiliar, searching for a way out, a way to see the light, a way to do the right thing, to get on the right track, course?

Our world gets this way sometimes, too. Life happens in unexpected ways and the road we’re traveling makes unexpected turns. Before long, we find ourselves in places we never anticipated, wondering exactly where we are. If we are not careful, we panic and make things even worse. At moments like this, we’ve got to trust that there is a bigger hand at the controls of our lives than our own.

I am not sure which direction my compass is pointing. I am forced to trust God in ways that I have never had to trust him — to care for people over whom I have little influence and whose circumstances are beyond my control and whose future I cannot secure. More than ever, I am convicted of the importance of leading people to faith in Jesus, so I know they are in my forever family, the family of God’s grace. Jesus is the only compass point that matters.

Read your compass today….

( shared thoughts from a devotional I received today)