What is Brave?

What is Brave? “for I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, DO not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13
Truth is, there is no formula and there are no rules for being Brave. There is the bible, our guidebook for all things, but other than that, being brave is organic and spiritual and a unique journey for each of us.
Courage is doing things even when you’re scared. Being Brave isn’t something that happens when you’re not scared anymore. Brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear.
They hear the whispers but take action anyway. Being brave is hearing that voice of fear in your head, but saying, “okay, but the truth is, God made me on purpose and FOR A PURPOSE.”
These words come from a book i’m reading called 100 days to brave.. by Annie F. Downs.
Can I just be brutally honest for a moment. Over these last fews months between opening “hunky dory” and today i’ve been scared. I’ve owned other businesses before so what’s the problem right? This business/journey has been different. Truth is i’ve had no expectations for it except to do the WILL OF GOD. It has been unchartered waters for me. I mean who says at this age “i’m gonna open a yoga studio.” BE BRAVE….
IT is an honor to stand before my fella yogi’s each week. It’s an honor to guide them through this passage of being stronger, more peaceful, more healthy and then right in the middle of all that, sharing little pieces of GOD along the way. A Yoga teacher is always a student and most of them have no idea the things they teach me each week.
I have people ask me “well how many did you have today.? How many came tonight?” The honest truth is unless I look at the sign in sheet I really don’t know. Numbers are the worlds standards…. Hearts are God’s standards.
My hope is that I can continue to GUIDE each person to simply be their BEST SELF. I hope that in giving away alittle piece of my life, my journey, they gain everything they are coming for.
The truth is each student helps me to become braver on my journey. I was sharing with someone last night how HUNKY DORY came to life. It has been amazing. Since I lost Dennis my yoga mat has been a place of refuge, a place to spend more time with GOD, a place to be BRAVE.
What we traditionally see in the world as the “STEPS” for overcoming hurt and pain and loss and disappointment, are not the steps at all. IF you will just LEAN in to GOD he may show you a completely different way to be BRAVE.
I hope today you will DECIDE to choose Brave.