What you going to be when you grow up.???

40 days to restoration_edited-1Do you remember at about the age of 17 you were forced to decide what college, how far from home, and what kind of degree you were going to get?? It was that turning point from “my parents are so dumb to well, Maybe my parents aren’t so dumb” you remember thinking , “if i could only get out of the house… Things are gonna change. I”m gonna be in control of my OWN LIFE. Then the rent came due, refrigerator was empty, you realized the clothes didn’t wash themselves and no one was there to wake you up every morning. SHOCKER…..
I know in my own life I’ve had many JOBS…… lets see i’ve done everything from working on Capital Hill to owning a state approved Day Care and there is a lot of ground in-between. Taught school, owned a nail salon, built spec homes, wedding photography, chamber director and much more. GOSH reckon what i’m gonna be when I grow up. My biggest dream was to be a Radio City Rockette Truth is I wasn’t tall enough nor skinny enough, but I could KICK. ha ha We flew to Houston one year to see them perform LIVE. Best Birthday present ever.
Dennis was so different from me. He had the same job for 30 years, didn’t like change, but always encouraged me in all my endeavors. When ever I wanted to change something around this house I knew to do it while he was gone cause he would have to think about it for six months. ha ha Thank goodness there was never anything that I changed out or did that HE didn’t like. WELL if he didn’t He never told me. haha
One thing i’ve realized through all these jobs is that money will NOT make you happy. I’ve had it and i’ve been without it. Climbing the ladder of success is sure to damage you if your focus is nothing more than climbing the ladder. Good works are honored. Each of the jobs i’ve had has molded me in some way. I’ve always said that I know a lot about several things but i’m not a master of any. I still stand by that. No expert am I.
Many have ask me “so what do you do these days.” My answer is always the same, “what ever God says do”. I love having the availability to just talk to folks, love on folks, comfort folks and when God leads, pray with folks. I use to be in a hurry all the time but GOD has been using this Healing season to slow me down. I am on a JOURNEY with God , one that has been amazing. One that has hurt, has been tiring and one that has made me question so much about myself. I am going to take some time off from social media, get togethers, added chores as I get closer to HIM. See what HE desires for the rest of my life. I’ve always been one to want to know the beginning, the middle and the end and that will wear you out.
If God is calling you to higher ground, go there, Even if you don’t know what that is yet. Like Abraham, just go, be willing, obey. If God has taken something away from you don’t allow it to crush you, ( i mean crush you to the point that you can’t function ) I’ll be willing to bet HE has something better for you. If you look at JOB in the bible it will show you a glimpse of that. He lost it all but what did GOD do? Returned favor and blessings to him. IF God has said to STAND then what are you waiting on. The people who were really blessed by JESUS in his day where the ones who SOUGHT AFTER HIM.
I think a lot about the woman with the issue of blood. She was so desperate that she just fell into the crowd to touch the hem of his garment. Would we have done that or would we be too proud to seek HIM like that. Her spirit and expectation made Jesus turn around and say, “somebody touched me, for I perceived power going out of me.” WOW… Do we cause Jesus to turn around, to take notice with our desire of HIM.
I’ve ask myself many times over the last 13 months, “are you ready to go where He is wanting to take you?” I don’t mean to some HIGHER PLACE as in better than you. I just mean to something NEW, to a closer relationship with HIM, a challenge that i’ve never encountered. GOD is always wanting to take us to higher ground. He isn’t finished with us until HE calls us home. That’s good news. What about you, are you earnestly looking for new opportunities with GOD? Are you seeking HIM like never before OR do you already know what you want to be when you grow up???
Grow me up Lord in a way that my life can be used by YOU. Grow me up Lord in a way that my words always glorify you. Grow me up Lord in ways that I can’t even fathom … Grow me up in YOU….