What’s Holding you back????

At church last night we were ask this question. “What is keeping you from being 100% with God?” At first I thought well nothing….. BUT is it??? I want you to ask yourself that question today. What might be holding you back from having the fullness of Christ in your life??? We say, oh yes, God can do anything, he is all this and all that, BUT do we live each day truly believing that??

We have all issues, some bigger than others ( or so we think they are bigger or smaller than others) Some of us battle depression, addiction, anxiety, fear, financial issues, sickness, and the list goes on. How much control do you really have over those battles??? 50% of the time, 70% of the time. What we learned last night is it all comes down to a “self” problem. We are so absorbed in ourselves that we simply can’t give it all to God. The world says it’s okay to go out and drink on saturday night and then praise God in church on Sunday…. BUT. is that what God’s word says???

So I ask you ( and me) again does God have 100% control of your life?????