war room

Are you interested in being my Ms Clara?

war roomSomeone wrote to me about a week ago and said, “If you are ever interested in being a “Ms Clara” to someone I will be available. ”  I hate to admit I had no idea what this young lady was talking about. “Who is Ms. Clara”, I thought, so I had to write her back and ask. She responded with, “Oh so you’ve not seen War Room?”  NOPE.  The truth is I bought the movie the day it hit the shelf for sell to the public, but for some reason didn’t watch it right then. I keep saying, “I think I’ll ask so n so over to watch it with me,” then I found out a few days later that we were going to be showing it at our church. ( which we did yesterday)  YES I waited.

WOW….. The Movie hit me from so many directions. Starting from the Loss of Clara’s husband to the pieces of paper on the closet wall, to the magnitude  of making a child feel loved and good about themselves, and the biggest thing was the confirmation of just how Great and Mighty God really is.  The greatest scene in the entire movie to me was the last scene when Ms. Clara was in her closet PRAISING GOD for HIS marvelous works and shouting his GOODNESS and GRACE.  I might have been sitting still in the sanctuary but I can tell you I was jumping and shouting on the inside. Truth is I was dancing all across the room with a bunch of amen’s in my spirit.

( side note)   one time years ago I ask Dennis if he wanted to move from Newton and move back to Jackson  where our kids were. He didn’t even hesitate to answer “NO”.  I was alittle surprised that He didn’t even think about it and you know how us women are, we can’t just take NO for an answer, we have to dig alittle deeper.  I said, why not. He then said, “look I didn’t want to come here in the first place I was just trying to make you happy.” I was so stunned, I said, “baby, you didn’t ever say that, infact you never said a word.” he replied, “nope, but I was jumping and shouting on the inside”.  That took me by surprise that day.  As you know however, he fell in love with NEWTON and always said, “this place is truly home.”

After the movie ended I sorta sat there pondering for a second over that little text I had gotten and on my ride home last night I pondered again over that little text I had gotten and as I got into the bed last night I pondered over that little text and truth is, I was pondering over it as I got up this morning.  Could I be someone’s Ms Clara.  I want to be, I would love to be but could I be?  Ms Clara was full of wisdom, she had walked the walk and talked the talk and allowed GOD to bring her through. She made a statement in the movie to some affect like, “Listen to me I didn’t use to be this way.”  That shook me to my core. She wanted her new friend to know that her stance now came from some choices, some hard roads, some lessons. FOR sure life’s obstacles, life’s hurts, life’s surprises and disappointments change us. WHEN they do, we have a choice to fight it or we can allow GOD to put the FIGHT INSIDE US to get through it with HIM.

For me … this movie has caused me to ask myself a few things. I’m gonna list a few:

  • Were you the best wife you could have been to Dennis?
  • Are you that person that someone thinks of when they need prayer?
  • Have the things that God has brought me through been a testimony to Him?
  • Do you give God enough time everyday?
  • Do you have time for those who are hurting?

It was as if the spirit said to me this morning, “Kathy, check yourself.”  The truth is you can’t sit around and wonder if you’ve done enough. Should ya, would ya, could ya?  It doesn’t really matter . It’s usually too late once your thinking that.  I hope that if you don’t have a WAR ROOM you will find one. I hope that if you aren’t a Ms Clara to someone now …. you will be. I hope those things for myself as well.

Titus 2: 4&5 says this.  ” these older women must train the younger women to love their husband and their children. To live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands, Then they will not bring shame on the word of GOD.”   There are a lot of lessons there. I know that some of you right now are rebuking the words “work in the home” and “submissive”.  those words mean so much more than just the words written here. That’s another post for another time. ha

May your hearts be filled with HOPE today so that you can face anything that comes your way with WORDS and PRAYERS that overcome.   “Ms Clara,  thanks for the lesson.”