Be Still and Know that I am God…

At my recent Yoga training we did this really cool thing with Psalms 46:10. I’d love for you to try it. #yogafaith
Take This verse and speak it outloud then repeat it again and again and each time DROP off the last word UNTIL you are left with just the word BE. It’s powerful.
Isn’t that what GOD ask of us… to just BE. To BE present with HIM, putting HIM first. To BE in love with others as HE loves us, To Be reading and sharing His word, To BE a mouthpiece for HIM as He proclaims us before the father. To BE fearless like HE was as he was taken to the cross.
Sometimes in this life we DO NOT understand the trials we face, the disappointments that trip us up, or the loss we endure, but HE does.
I hope that THIS Easter you can just BE…….

The Way Maker- Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training…

Trauma Sensitive Training… Rocked my world. #yogafaith

This last week has been an incredible journey of HOPE AND HEALING as I attended Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training. It was so much more than I ever dreamed. Another piece to the puzzle of my “teacher” journey. Another tool to help others . WE ONLY FIND WHOLENESS as we stay close to HIM.

A friend of mine posted a Video earlier today ( The Way Maker by the Pentecostal’s of Alexandria Choir) and little did she know that I sat and cried my eyes out as I watched it. It was a reminder of HOPE. SO many days, weeks and months after Dennis died I have stood and worshiped my GOD, MY FATHER, With a heart that was BROKEN completely into. Like a vase of clay that falls off a cabinet and breaks into many pieces. HOPING you can glue it all back together. That’s sorta how this life of GRIEF is.

Dancing before him with gratitude and PRAISE for the journey thus far.
SO many things went on at training that reasured me that God was with me every step of the way. From the simple verse that one of my training partners spoke during our final testing. The very verse that GOD had given me three years ago to cling to. ( at the bottom ) TO something as silly as sitting on the last leg of our flight by a guy who worked for ROWAN… KNEW Dennis. What a conversation that was. When HE grabbed his backpack and began to walk away IT gripped my heart. How many times have I seen Dennis walk away with that same backpack strapped across his back. SO many trips to the airport as we would say our goodbyes. “see ya in 3″, he would say.

AS i looked out the window of the plane and saw us sitting above it ALL. The beauty of the clouds , the painting of HIS amazing hand and the solitude of being away from it all. The pain on this earth…. we will all experience it sooner or later. GOD TRULY IS THE WAY MAKER. TURN your heart towards him and allow him to LOVE ON YOU.
The walk in the woods the first day of training was such a treat. It was sorta like a flashback to my childhood. An excitement rose up in my heart. I’ve always loved the woods. As a little girl I would grab a snack and possibly a fishing pole and hit the woods. ( my daddy would always say if it was Sunday… Don’t take that pole with you) ha Picking wild flowers, building forts, finding frogs, and more. THE wind just seems to blow alittle different in the woods, the quietness seems alittle quieter and you can holler and sometimes hear yourself holler back.

These are a few of the pictures from my training. WE got the 6” of snow the last night we were there. THANK you #yogafaith girls for your amazing LIGHT and your love for CHRIST. I feel blessed to have shared in this training with EACH of you.

AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST. “thank you HUNKY DORY YOGI’S for allowing me the time to go.” Can’t wait to see EACH OF YOU this coming week.

Isaiah 40:31 – ” Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength’ they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.”